Design Workshops

Design Thinking Workshop for Knight Hennessy Scholars at Stanford University

Design Thinking Workshop for Knight Hennessy Scholars at Stanford University

Innovation and creative problem solving are critical in today’s era, and are skills best taught through Design Thinking. Jane leads a hands-on workshop in which she teaches the design thinking process, drawing on her education at Stanford University’s and her extensive experience as co-founder and CEO of Embrace over the last ten years — where she used these skills to create a product that has saved over 300,000 lives.

Jane has taught the principles of design thinking to a wide range of audiences, ranging from Stanford University students to leadership teams at Fortune 500 companies. In her experiential workshop, participants have an opportunity to go through each step of the design thinking process, including building potential solutions to a problem. Through teaching human-centered design, Jane shows how the process can drive creativity, innovation, and new approaches to problem solving. Jane’s talk also inspires others to think about how to live a purposeful life, and how to go about designing that life.


  • Understand human-centered design principles to drive creative problem solving & innovation

  • Learn how to come up with new solutions by building empathy and uncovering needs

  • Practice techniques on brainstorming, ideating and prototyping

  • Discover how to use design thinking to create your future path

    “The design thinking event Jane led was a great experience for our scholars. It introduced design thinking and methodology, which was a new approach for most of them. Our scholars learned a great deal working in their multidisciplinary teams, searching for novel solutions. The problem set-up and introduction created a terrific framework for brainstorming. The Embrace story moved everyone to tears and admiration. All in all, it was a spectacular weekend, which was a great opportunity to grow for our scholars.”

    - John Hennessy, President of Stanford University (2000-2016), Director of Knight-Hennessy Fellows Program, Board Chair of Google